How to see the apps that consume the Internet

How to see the apps that consume the Internet

Are you experiencing anomalous consumptions on the data network traffic of your SIM? Want to know which apps connect to the network and how much traffic they consume? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, you have come to the right place at the suitable Period.

In fact, in this guide of mine, I will show you how to see the apps that consume the Internet, both on mobile devices that use Android and iOS / iPad and on computers with Windows and macOS operating systems. If the tools made available by Android and iOS are not satisfactory for you, I will also indicate alternatives that could be for you.

How to see Internet-consuming apps on smartphones and tablets

Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone / iPad, I leave you my dedicated tutorial if you want to know more about beyondnews. You can monitor Internet traffic consumption using predefined system tools or through third-party apps: the choice is yours.

How to see Internet-consuming apps on Android

If you want to check the data traffic consumption of apps on a smartphone or Android tablet, you can refer to the appropriate section in the device settings. I warn you that, based on the manufacturer’s customizations, the indications that I will illustrate in the following lines may differ slightly from the model of the Android device in your possession.

That said, start the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon you find on the home screen and selecting the item Mobile network on the net that is shown to you. At this point, tap on the wording Data usage to access the monitoring of Internet traffic on the data network of your SIM. In the graph shown to you, you can see the total daily consumption you have made in the indicated time interval.

In the App section, on the other hand, you can see how much the individual apps have consumed in the time interval; by pressing on the View more button, you can expand the list of apps and also change the monitoring period. By pressing on an app, you can limit the use of data in the background or prevent access to the data or wireless network (or both).

Through the section Manage data usage. However, you can activate the Data Saver feature to limit the consumption of app background data (valid if you have little residual traffic on your SIM); you can restrict the data to consume daily or monthly and see which apps have permission to access the device’s network.

How to see Internet-consuming apps on iOS / iPadOS

To check the internet data consumption of individual applications on devices with iOS / iPadOS (iPads with a SIM card), you can use the default tool of this operating system. To access it, tap on the icon with the symbol of a gear (the Settings app ) that you find on the home screen.

On the screen shown to you, press the word Cellular and scroll through the list of items until you find the Cellular data section. You will find the list of apps installed on the device, under whose name you can view the amount of data transmitted up to now, expressed in KB, MB, or GB.

At the top of the section, you will find the word Current Period, which allows you to check the total traffic consumption carried out by the apps up to that moment. If you want to know more about 100celebrities you can read the tutorial that I just linked to you and explains in detail.Now, go back to the app list to check the data usage in the background. Use the device usually and monitor from time to time to detect any abnormal traffic use by some app.

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