Unveiling Roaring Moon Weaknesses: Your Guide to Victory

Unveiling Roaring Moon Weaknesses: Your Guide to Victory

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Roaring Moon is a Dragon/Dark-type, making it weak to Dragon, Fighting, Ice, and Fairy moves. Psychic-type attacks are also ineffective against it.


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Dark Roaring Moon Weaknesses

Roaring Moon is a powerful Pokemon that can easily wipe out your entire team if it is not set up correctly. It has excellent defensive typing that resists Dark, Electric, Fire, Ghost, Grass, and Water while also providing immunity to Psychic-type moves.

Combined with its high base stats, rapid speed, and access to powerful coverage moves like Acrobatics and Tera Flying, it is one of the tier’s most robust setup sweepers. There must be more than the Dragon/Dark dual type’s average physical bulk. However, various attacks will still be able to take it down.

Fire Roaring Moon Weaknesses

Roaring Moon has one of the most impressive stat spreads in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It has high Attack and Speed alongside decent Special Defense and HP. This combination of stats can quickly sweep through teams with the correct items and Photosynthesis ability.

Roaring Moon also appreciates bulky teammates that can take hits in its stead. It includes Hippowdon, which can set up Stealth Rock or disrupt with Yawn.

A support Pokemon like Arcanine also helps Roaring Moon survive attacks. Its Intimidate debuffs Physical attackers, and Snarl debuffs Special ones, letting it deal damage safely.

Roaring Moon has a few coverage moves that help it sweep through the late-game tier, such as Earthquake and Roost. These moves hit Kingambit, Garganacl, Iron Hands, and Clodsire super effectively, as well as Breloom’s Technician-boosted Bullet Seed.

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Roaring Moon is an impressive run as one of the strongest Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet. Its high-Speed stat makes it a threat to any opponent that crosses its path, and its ability Photosynthesis, which boosts its highest stat by x1.2, adds even more power.

The best Roaring Moon sets for Ranked Battles focus on physical attack and speed. Using 252 Effort Value points to Hyper Train Roaring Moon and choosing a Jolly Nature Mint is an ideal strategy. Still, Adamant can also be used for a bulkier set.

Fairy types can help chip away at Roaring Moon’s weakness to Dragon- and Dark-type attacks. Alternatively, it can be Terastalized to eliminate its four-leveled weakness.


Fairy-type Pokemon are notorious for their ability to stand tall against anything. They can defeat some of the most powerful enemies in a single blow, such as Tartaros.

Roaring Moon is no exception to this rule. Dragon/Dark typing leaves it especially weak to Bug, Ice, Fighting, and Fairy-type attacks, as well as Psychic.

There are few counters to Roaring Moon, but a few Pokemon you can find in the region that might prove handy include Koraidon and Dragapult. Meowscarada and Mimikyu are excellent options to survive at least one of their primary attacks.

Both of them can learn Play Rough, a physical Fairy-type move that will wipe out a lot of its health if paired with decent Attack stats.

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